WebNameHost Offers Softaculous

Besides offering the industry standard cPanal product to give end users complete control over their web sites, subdomains, and eMail accounts, WebNameHost is also pleased to offer Netenberg's Softaculous script installer free of charge on all accounts whether using one of the standard cPanel skins, or a deluxe option such as Universina or RVSkin.

NOTE: Before installing any script on your website, research its suitability via the author/manufacturer. If it is a php script, it must be able to run in a secure environment (e.g. phpsuexec=on and register_globals=off) and under php 5, or it may not (continue to) work. WebNameHost does not offer any support for the scripts themselves, only for the installer.

Softaculous offers one button installation of hundreds of scripts. We do not keep a listing here because new scripts are being aded to the tool constantly. See the listings on your control panel or go to the Softaculous website for further indformation

From Arjay Web Services division of Arjay Enterprises and affiliate of Arjay Books