WebNameHost Annual PayPal Payments

You have reached this page because:

You are ready to pay for one of our annual plans using PayPal (new or renewal).

How to make a one-time payment by Pay Pal:

Click the appropriate payment button beside the brief plan description. When paying, please identify yourself in one of the text boxes so we can match this transaction up with your hosting details. Also provide domains names, usernames if not done already. Alternately, you can PayPal any agreed-to amounts to the user host at the domain webnamehost.net.

Low Budget Hosting Accounts Price/Year Pay at PayPal
A3x5 three by five account paid annually US$ 40.00
A5x10 Five by ten account paid annually (or Two 3x5 accounts) US$ 60.00
A7x20 Seven by twenty account paid annually (or Two 5x10 accounts) US$ 84.00
A9x30 Nine by thirty account paid annually (or Two 7x20 accounts) US$ 108.00
A10x50 ten by fifty account paid annually (or Two 9x30 accounts) US$ 120.00
AG The Gross account paid annually (or Two 10x50 accounts) US$ 144.00

Standard Domains Price/Year Purchase
D1 Domain Registered Annually US$ 12.00

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