WebNameHost Deluxe Control Panel Skins

Besides offering the industry standard cPanal product for end users, WebNameHost is also pleased to offer cPanel skins with deluxe features for discriminating users. The Universina skin has the default look and feel of Mac OSX (aqua) while offering users access to all the cPanel features. It also can be changed to look more like the standard x2 skin, or dressed in various other clothes--all at the unser's command. The aqua version (once called xController) appears below.

Yet another skin available free of charge is RVSkin. It has a different look and feel yet.

Both of these, in all their variants include access to the Fantastico script installer which offers one button installation of many additional scripts on your website.

If you wish one of these added to your account, let us know. There is no charge. When purchasing, indicate if you wish the French, German, Romanian, or Spanish version of this skin. Otherwise, it will be supplied in English.

The first screen shot below is of the opening page of the Universina cPanel skin (aqua or xController version).

Universina (First Page)

The second screen shot is of the server page of the Universina cPanel skin.

Universina (Server Page)

The third screen shot is of the maroon theme of the RVSkin.

The RV Skin

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