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This searchable FAQ has a large number of questions and answers on domains, hosting, web sites, eMail and related topics. This material has been collected through many years of web experience. Some are common questions appearing in a similar form on many host sites. Many are unique to this database. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, additional questions or answers we have missed.

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Q. I already have a web site at www.yourdomain.com/~me. Can I point my domain at it?

A. Any registrar can do this. It is called URL Forwarding and you can set it up yourself at your domain registration service.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Transfer

Q. I am already reselling. Can I transfer to you?

A. Absolutely. We help every step of the way. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Transfer    Contact us

Q. I am getting the error "Front Page Extensions not Installed" even though they are. What do I do?

A. We sometimes see this error even when the extensions have been installed because the extensions are easily corrupted. Please reinstall the FrontPage extensions from your control panel.

Category: FrontPage Secondary Category: Error

Q. I can't reach either my site or any of yours. What do I do?

A. It is unlikely the server is down--this almost never happens. Usually this problem is caused by network difficulties between you and the server and it will go away shortly. If it persists, use the alternate eMail address we provided you in the welcome message to contact us.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Down

Q. I can't send eMail via your server. What's wrong?

A. Our mail servers are configured securely. This means that you cannot simply reference "mail.yourdomain.com" as an outgoing mail server unless you successfully log in via one of your pop accounts at "mail.yourdomain.com' before you try to send. This is called "check before send", a setting to prevent spammers from using our mail servers as havens for unsolicited eMail. If you are getting a "relaying prohibited" or "disconnected by administrator" error, it means that you haven't logged into the pop3 server at your domain before you tried to send through the SMTP server at your domain. To log in, you need to check for mail first.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Send

Q. I changed my control panel password and now I can't get in. What do I do?

A. Passwords are case sensitive and are limited to 8 characters. If you entered a password longer than 8 characters try entering the first 8 characters when logging into your control panel. If you still cannot access your account contact us. If one of your users cannot access their mail, you can change their password yourself from your control panel.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Password    Contact us

Q. I changed my mind about the domain name that I registered. Is it too late to change it?

A. Once you register a domain name, you cannot "un-register" it. If you find that the domain name you chose no longer suits your business or personal needs, you should register another domain name. The domain name you originally registered will continue to be registered to you until the end of the registration period. Registration and re-registration fees are non-refundable.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Registration

Q. I changed my name servers with my registrar, but I can't see my site. Why?

A. DNS changes take 24 to 72 hours to be visible from the rest of internet. You can upload your site to our server using the server name and your user name, per your welcome message and our documentation page, then and wait for a DNS update.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Nameservers

Q. I check my eMail every day, but it's now over quota! Why?

A. If you don't delete your eMails from your mail-box they will remain, and eventually fill it, so no other eMail can be stored and incoming mail will be rejected. You may delete them from either webmail system or by using your POP client. Most POP clients have a setting "leave mail on server for ___days." Fill in a reasonable value, and after that number of days, old mail will be automatically deleted.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Quota

Q. I don't have any experience in creating a site. Can you help me create my site?

A. We don't design any sites other than our own. You will need to use a web creation program yourself, a ready-made template, or hire a designer.

Category: Site Secondary Category: Creation

Q. I don't need many other resources, but I need quite a bit of disk space. Do you have large block plans.

A. We do have large block plans. Check them out under our list of plans. We will also customize a plan for you if you wish.

Category: Site Secondary Category: Large    more

Q. I get an error 500 internal server error when trying to view my FrontPage generated site. What do I do?

A. You may have to use your control panel to disable and re-enable FP extensions.

Category: FrontPage Secondary Category: Error

Notes: You cannot mix access methods. If you use FP, you cannot also use FTP to load files.

Q. I got a letter in the mail asking me to renew my domain name. Should I do this?

A. Take a close look at that letter. It's not from one of our subsidiaries, but from someone else. We don't use paper mail for renewals. It may look like an invoice, but itís a clever solicitation to get you to switch registrars for a much higher price.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Renew

Q. I have been notified that my account has been set up but my site is still not active.

A. It generally takes 24-72 hours for domain names to become active. This is just how the Internet works; there is no way we can speed up the process. If you have received a notification e-mail and it's been over 72 hours, it means you did not point your domain name to the right host. Check. Then contact us.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Setup    Contact us

Q. I have just created a new mail box in cPanel. How can I check and use my mail?

A. You may check your mail using the eMail address and password you set up on your control panel either with a "POP" mail program, or on-line using webmail at http://www.mydomain.com/webmail. You may also use one of our login boxes to access webmail. Pay close attention to what your control panel eMail subpanel says is the correct username for the account.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Access    more

Q. I published my files with FP or FTP, but my web site's not there. Why not?

A. Did you take care to delete the placeholder index file and replace it? Did you point the domain nameservers to our server? If both are "yes" and it has been over 72 hours since the site was set up by us, contact us, and we'll straighten things out.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Setup    more

Q. I tried to register a domain, and it didn't work. Now the system says it's not available.

A. This may be temporary while the system clears. If the problem persists for a few days, someone else got the domain. Sorry.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Registration

Q. I want to get started right away, but my domain name hasn't gone live in the registry.

A. FTP or HTTP to your site's special address that we gave you in your welcome letter documentation ("serverName.com/~username") and sign on with your username and password. Be sure the FTP client is pointing into www (or public_html, which is the same folder).

Category: Site Secondary Category: Setup    more

Q. I wish to access to my site using https:// how can I do that?

A. You need a unique or static IP address which you may order from us. We need some information about you and your company to create a CSR key, you must provide this key to certificate provider where you may purchase a Secure Certificate. They will provide a key to you, you must forward it to us and we will install it on your account. Alternately, we can do all this for you. Contact us for a quote. Then your visitors can access to all or some parts of your site using https:// i.e. a secure connection.

Category: Security Secondary Category: Https    Contact us

Q. If I buy a domain name with my hosting, do you handle the entire domain registration process?

A. Yes. In that case, once your account is paid we handle the entire domain registration process. You still own the domain, however, and can transfer it elsewhere if you wish. We do charge slightly more for this service, however.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Registration

Q. If I have a choice between installing a script through cPanel and the same one by Fantastico, which one should I use?

A. Use the Fantastico installer. Script installation is a very minor sideline with the cPanel folks and they are often slow with updates. It is Netenberg's main business, and they keep their scripts updated.

Category: Scripts

Q. If some one tries to see one of my folders your server shows the contents of that folder in directory structure. How can I protect them?

A. Ensure there is an index file in each folder even if that file is empty.

Category: Security Secondary Category: Index.html

Q. Is it safe to host a children's site on your servers?

A. Yes. There will be no adult or illegal sites sharing the box with you.

Category: Content Secondary Category: Children    more

Q. Is it safe to host a church site on your servers?

A. Yes. There will be no adult or illegal sites sharing the box with you.

Category: Content Secondary Category: Church    more

Q. Is Ruby installed on your server?

A. Yes.

Category: Software Secondary Category: Languages

Q. Is spam mailing (bulk mailing) allowed?

A. No. Absolutely not. We limit the number of outgoing messages per hour, and if we catch you trying to send bulk mail your account will be terminated without a refund.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Spam, Bulk    more

Q. Is there a minimum time contract/commitment?

A. No. You pay yearly, six months, three months, or monthly according to the plan type but can cancel at any time.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Contract    more

Q. Is there any web-based control panel for my reseller account?

A. Yes, it's called WHM (Web Host Manager) and it's completely different from the client control panel.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Control Panel    more

Q. Is your price different for individuals and business users?

A. No. Our prices are fixed for all accounts using comparable resources. A startup business does not normally need much space or bandwidth, and shouldn't have to pay for it. However, if your needs don't fit one of our standard packages, feel free to ask for a quote.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Contract

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