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This searchable FAQ has a large number of questions and answers on domains, hosting, web sites, eMail and related topics. This material has been collected through many years of web experience. Some are common questions appearing in a similar form on many host sites. Many are unique to this database. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, additional questions or answers we have missed.

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Q. Help. I made a spelling mistake and registered the wrong domain name. Can you fix this?

A. Sorry, registration and re-registration fees are non-refundable. If we make a mistake, we have to swallow the cost. If you make it, you do.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Registration

Q. How and when will you bill me?

A. A short time before your account expires, you will receive a notification via eMail with a due date and address to make your payment.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Billing

Q. How can I activate FrontPage support on my account?

A. Go to http://yourdomain/cpanel -> FrontPage Extensions

Category: FrontPage Secondary Category: Activate

Q. How can I become a reseller?

A. We can easily upgrade your existing account to reseller status or we can establish a new account for reselling and make your old account "owned" by it. In the latter case you will need a domain.

Category: Reseller

Q. How can I change a password for an eMail account?

A. Go to your Control Panel at http://www.yourdomain.com/cPanel/  --> "Mail" =>"Add / Remove accounts"; click on Change Password and follow the instructions. In some skins, you may not have all these steps.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Password    more

Q. How can I change a password?

A. Go to Your Control Panel, click on Change Password and follow the instructions. If you've lost your password, contact us and we will reset it. Passwords are encrypted so even we can't read your password.

Category: ControlPanel Secondary Category: Password    Contact us

Q. How can I change my account's contact Information?

A. There is a link on your control panel for this. Depending on the skin, it is usually near the top.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Contact Info

Q. How can I create a backup?

A. This option in your control panel allows you to compress your directories and/or files located in your account. This is an excellent way to backup your own files. It will serve as double protection should anything ever go wrong with our backups. It can also serve as the means of transferring your site to another provider in the event that you become dissatisfied with us.

Category: Site Secondary Category: Backup    more

Q. How can I create a mySQL database?

A. This is done from your control panel under the SQL area. Don't forgot to add a user.

Category: mySQL Secondary Category: Create

Q. How can I edit a mySQL database table without creating an application?

A. The control panel allows you to use phpMyAdmin to edit mySQL tables through the use of SQL query language.

Category: mySQL Secondary Category: edit Table

Q. How can I manage my database via the web?

A. For database setup, there is an option in your control panel. For finer control, use phpMyAdmin, also available from your control panel. It allows you to create and edit databases and the data in them.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Database

Q. How can I manage my e-mail accounts?

A. Use the mail manager feature in your control panel to create and manage mail accounts and forwarders.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Manage    more

Q. How can I see statistics for my site?

A. This feature provides you with valuable information regarding visitors to your site using your choice of several static program interfaces.

Category: Statistics Secondary Category: View

Q. How can other hosts make money when they offer higher transfer limits for lower prices than you do?

A. They really don't have that many resources to sell, but count on the fact that the majority of sites won't use anywhere close to the full amount of transfer available. This overselling is usually a valid assumption and it is done in many other businesses (e.g.. Airlines overbooking flights). However, we do NOT follow this practice. Instead, all our customers are always guaranteed the full resources contracted, regardless of what other customers are doing.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Bandwidth

Q. How do I access my own control panel?

A. http://*put your domain here*/cpanel. OR go to our company hosting page and find the login box. Provide your username and password to log in.

Category: ControlPanel Secondary Category: Access

Q. How do I access webmail with my browser?

A. Go to http://yourdomain.com/webmail (Replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name) Log in with the pop account username (Username@domain.com) and password that you setup in your control panel (Mail Menu). Alternately, use a login box on one of our sites. You will have a choice of mail programs. Either can be used as both reference the same mail.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Webmail    more

Q. How do I administer a mailing list?

A. When you set up a mailing list, it will tell you what the administrator address is. You use that address in your web browser with the password to configure the list.

Category: MailingList Secondary Category: Admin

Q. How do I cancel my account?

A. Just contact us and tell us. You can cancel at any effective date, and will be refunded all full months of unused service.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Cancel    Contact us

Q. How do I change the DNS or Contact Information for my domain name?

A. You may change the DNS information for your domain name by accessing the Domain Admin Panel at your registrar (probably one of our sister companies).

Category: Domains Secondary Category: DNS    more

Q. How do I choose a good domain name?

A. Choose a name that reflects the intent and purpose of your web site or business. Try to keep it short and snappy, and say it out loud, as if you were telling someone at a party to visit your web page. Some domain names may look good on paper, but are confusing when you try to send someone to it over the phone. Keep in mind the image that it conjures. Your domain name will be one of the ways people recognize or evaluate their choices of sites for their interests when they are using search engines. When facing a large number of choices, the snappiest domain sometimes grabs the most attention.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Registration

Q. How do I configure my POP3 eMail?

A. Check the exact form of the user name for the account in your control panel, and use that for "user". Enter the password you associated with that user. The server is simply yourdomain.com.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Client    more

Q. How do I create a new eMail account?

A. Follow these instructions: 1. Go to http://yourdomain/cpanel -> Add / Remove accounts 2. Click "Add Account" 3. Type the username and the password. 4. Click "Create" (Exact details vary slightly by cPanel skin.)

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Create    more

Q. How do I create eMail aliases, and how do I redirect them?

A. Simply use our online control panel to add these. Any number of aliases can be entered. Each alias directs a pseudo-address ostensibly residing at your domain on our box to a specific mail account, which could be anywhere.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Alias    more

Q. How do I create my own "404 Not found" error page?

A. Use your control panel to create such pages, and/or edit them on your own computer.

Category: Error Secondary Category: 404Page

Q. How do I FTP my files to the server?

A. Get either an FTP client for your home computer, such as CuteFTP, Interarchy, or Fetch. Or, your editor/web creation program (such as BBEdit) should have a built-in capability to FTP files to your site.

Category: FTP Secondary Category: Clients    more

Q. How do I get a domain name?

A. You can find out if the domain name you want is available here buy using a "whois" tool, or simply by attempting to register it. You will be told whether it is taken or not.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Registration

Q. How do I get a higher search engine ranking?

A. The main thing is links from other sites, and these should be real sites, not just "link farms". Exchange links with other people who also have web sites that are indexed.

Category: SearchEngine

Q. How do I get an additional website added to my hosting account?

A. Your account may come with this capability, and you can set it up yourself. If not, upgrade to one that does, or to a multiple site plan.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Extra site    more

Q. How do I make changes to my account?

A. You handle most account maintenance issues yourself in your control panel. Simply access your it and click on the appropriate icon.

Category: Content Secondary Category: Changes

Q. How do I pay for my account?

A. Our primary means are PayPal, KAGI, or a mailed cheque. From time to time, we may add other payment providers, but have no intentions of becoming a credit card accepter ourselves.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Payment    more

Q. How do I renew my domain's registration?

A. Please visit the renewal page of your registrar to renew your domain name's registration. You can sign in to your domain or to your account, depending on which of our registration services you use.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Renew    more

Q. How do I run my own CGI programs?

A. Put your CGI programs in the cgi-bin directory. Make sure you upload them in ASCII mode. Change permissions to 755 for the script. Access them via http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/script-name

Category: CGI Secondary Category: Location

Q. How do I set up a cron job?

A. You do this from your control panel.

Category: Site Secondary Category: Cron

Q. How do I set up a new mailing list?

A. Follow these instructions: (1) Go to your Control Panel (2) Click on the Mailing Lists item (3) Click on "Add List". (4) Give the name and the password of the list . (5) Go to the administrator page it tells you about to configure it.

Category: MailingList Secondary Category: Setup

Q. How do I set up my spam filters?

A. In your control panel, look for Mailscanner. There you can blacklist mail senders, whitelist others (their mail gets through regardless) and set the options for high spam and low spam. We recommend you have the server delete high spam and deliver the low.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Spam    more

Q. How do I transfer files to my web site?

A. Files are transferred to the Web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP). We recommend Interarchy, Fetch or CuteFTP. Site creation software like BBEdit has FTP built in.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: FTP    more

Q. How do I transfer my domain to your servers?

A. In order to transfer your domain to our servers you need to have the primary and secondary name servers point to ours. Your account activation eMail will contain the nameserver information for the servers your account is on. We recommend you transfer your registration to one of our registration subsidiaries as well, but that is done separately.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Transfer    more

Q. How do I use FormMail?

A. FormMail-clone is clone of Matt Wright's FormMail.cgi under a less restrictive license. It should behave almost exactly as FormMail.cgi, but it is completely written from scratch so there might be a few minor visual differences. The FormMail CGI script is already configured on our server for your account. From your control panel click CGI Center and there you will find the location of FormMail.

Category: CGI Secondary Category: FormMail

e.g. For setting up the 'action' of your form http://yourdomain.com/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi (if your domain ends with .net, .org, or .other then substitute the correct extension when setting up your form 'action'). The 'method' to select for your form is POST.

Notes: If you would like a handy tutorial on using FormMail go to http://www.scriptarchive.com/readme/formmail.html

Q. How do I use PHP to connect to MySQL?

A. To merely display the information in your database without the use of a form to call a PHP script you simply create your html document as you would any other web page but instead of the extension of .htm or .html you need to name the file with the extension .php. Then within the document itself the section that you'd like to be the PHP code, begins with We can't teach you how to write PHP in a short answer, however. Read a good book on the subject.

Category: PHP Secondary Category: mySQL

Q. How do I use phpMyAdmin?

A. Go to http://yourdomain/cpanel -> SQL Database -> phpMyAdmin.

Category: PHP Secondary Category: phpMyAdmin

Q. How do I use Server Side Includes (SSI)?

A. Change the page extension to .shtml

Category: Site Secondary Category: SSI

Q. How do manage files on my site?

A. You can use FTP, or any web site editor that employs FTP. The File Manager Option in your Control Panel is also very powerful. It handles many of the functions that FTP does from within your browser. Functions include setting permissions, uploading files from your hard drive, creating and editing html files, and creating subdirectories. DO NOT DELETE OR RENAME any files that the system creates. Also remember, any files that you want available on the World Wide Web must be placed within your public_html folder.

Category: ControlPanel Secondary Category: FileManager

Q. How do you calculate bandwidth usage?

A. We calculate bandwidth usage based on your Web, Mail, FTP and other port usage. Usually 97% is by Web, Mail and FTP.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Bandwidth

Q. How does Analog work?

A. Analog produces a simple summary of all the people who have visited your site. It is fast and provides great light weight statistics.

Category: Statistics Secondary Category: Analog

Q. How does Last Visitors work?

A. This will show you the last 300 visitors who came to your site, and some interesting information about them.

Category: Statistics Secondary Category: Last Visitors

Q. How does the Error Log work?

A. This records errors in your site, images not loading, missing files, etc. it can be very useful for debugging a cgi script. Error logs can be viewed or downloaded in your control panel.

Category: Error Secondary Category: Log

Q. How does Webalizer work?

A. Webalizer produces a nice variety of charts and graphs about who has visited your site. This is probably the most popular stats engine available today.

Category: Statistics Secondary Category: Webalizer

Q. How good is your server's connection to the rest of the Internet?

A. Your server is with a multiple Tier 1 bandwidth provider in a premium, U.S. based datacenter.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Bandwidth    more

Q. How long can a domain name be?

A. A domain name can be up to 67 characters long -- including the 4 characters used to identify the Top Level Domain (.NET, .COM, .ORG, or .EDU). Do not type the "http://" or the "www." before your domain name when registering.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Validity

Q. How long do transfers take?

A. It may take several days for a domain transfer to be finalized, as there are confirmations and checks to ensure no one steals a domain from the registree of record.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Transfer    more

Q. How long does it take before my domain name is active?

A. It takes 24-72 hours before it is active.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Activation

Q. How long does it take for you to process my application and set up my account?

A. If all your billing information is in order, it should take fewer than 24 hours to set up your account. Upgrades can be much quicker.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Setup

Q. How long does it take to register a domain name?

A. Once an available domain name is chosen and applied for, the confirmation is immediate but it may be 24-72 hours before it is available to your designated servers.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Registration

Q. How many accounts can I create with a reseller account?

A. Some low-end reseller accounts limit the number of accounts you can create. The higher end ones do not. In those cases, it depends on your space, packages and bandwidth. Assume that you have a 10GB reseller account, then you may create up to 10 accounts if all of your accounts have been made with a 1GB package.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Clients

Q. How much can I charge for my packages?

A. You choose the price. Sell your own hosting packages for as little or as much as you want.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Packages

Q. How much data transfer will I need?

A. Estimate your average page size (including graphic) and multiplying it by the number of page views you expect to have in a month.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Bandwidth

e.g. With an average page size of 50 KB, and around 2000 page views per day, you will transfer an average of 3 GB per month. In this case, you should get a plan with 4 to 5 GB of data transfer limit per month, so you don't have to worry about overstepping your account's limit.

Q. How much does extra storage space cost?

A. Take a look at our site and check the cost of the next plan higher than yours.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Disk Space    more

Q. How much does it cost for you to host my web site?

A. This depends on how large a site you have and how much monthly traffic it will generate. The larger these numbers, the greater the cost, as we pay for the resources in the same way. Check our website for the various plans. If you are a beginner, start with the lowest plan. Don't pay for resources you won't use.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Bandwidth    more

Q. How much does it cost to transfer my domain?

A. Transfers cost the same as an initial purchase, and include another year of registration. This means that any remaining time you have left on your current registration will be transferred and one year will be added to your current expiry date. Avoid any registrar that charges an extra "transfer" fee.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Transfer    more

Q. How much extra is a gig of bandwidth?

A. Take a look at our site and check the cost of the next plan higher than yours.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Contract    more

Q. How much storage am I allowed per mail account?

A. We recommend you not exceed 10 MB's of e-mail per mail account, but you can use any amount within your account's total limit.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Storage

Q. How reliable is your service?

A. We have multiple connections to the Internet at our data centre. We have battery backups as well as on site generated electricity if necessary. We continually monitor the functioning of your site from multiple nodes on the Internet. We aim for your site to be up 98.5% of the time or better.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Uptime

Q. How secure is e-business conducted on your server?

A. We ensure that data sent from your viewer's Internet browser will make it to our servers safely. All cPanel, Webmail, and WHM traffic is encrypted. If someone should intercept the data in-between your browser and our server, it will be encrypted and they won't be able to do anything with it. We conduct monetary transactions off site with reliable and secure third party stores and order fulfillment sites whose staff have years of experience at securing their sites.

Category: Security

Q. How secure is my web site?

A. You should use the secure protocols in FTP and eMail. This will ensure that your data stream is encrypted and no one can intercept it. You should also not use a dictionary word in your password.

Category: Security

Q. How secure is your web server

A. We employ standard methods of safeguarding against any malicious entry to a website on our server. This is done through the usernames and passwords that are assigned to each of our clients. You need to change your password on first using your control panel, and once in a while thereafter, always to something hard to guess (which means among other things, that it does not contain any words that appear in a dictionary.)

Category: Security

Q. How will I be able to tell if my desired domain name is already taken?

A. Before registering a domain name you first have to do a "whois" search to see if your requested domain name is available. If the domain search request returns without a match, you will be able to register that domain name.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Registration

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