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This searchable FAQ has a large number of questions and answers on domains, hosting, web sites, eMail and related topics. This material has been collected through many years of web experience. Some are common questions appearing in a similar form on many host sites. Many are unique to this database. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, additional questions or answers we have missed.

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Q. Can I use a Canadian Provincial TLD like .bc.ca or .ab.ca with you?

A. Yes you can. However, we do not currently have the facilities to register such domains.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Domains

Q. Can I access my domain address with or without the "www"?

A. You may access your domain address with or without the "www" in front of the domain name.

Category: Site Secondary Category: Access

Q. Can I change the domain name that is listed on my hosting account?

A. Yes. Just ask, though not too often.

Category: Site Secondary Category: Domains

Q. Can I change the user name that is listed on my hosting account?

A. Yes. Just ask, though not too often.

Category: Site Secondary Category: UserName

Q. Can I check domain name availability?

A. Yes. You can find out if the domain name you want is available using the domain page on our main menu. Or, when you complete our online hosting form, you can enter your domain choice(s) in the order form and we will check if the domain name you have chosen is available. This latter option requires manual intervention on our part and costs a few dollars more.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Availability    more

Q. Can I check my mail through Apple's mail program?

A. Yes. You can check your mail through all major mail-clients including Apple's Mail and Eudora. We do not, however, provide support for such products.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Client    more

Q. Can I check my mail through Outlook or Outlook Express?

A. Yes. You can check your mail through all major mail-clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora. We do not, however, provide support for such products.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Client    more

Q. Can I create my own hosting packages?

A. Yes, you get full access to create your own hosting packages, choose how much disk space, bandwidth, and all other features.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Packages

Q. Can I create my site in my word processor and choose "save as html" or "save to web"?

A. This might work, but we very strongly discourage it. This is the worst possible way to create a web site. Word processors save terrible code, and it may only work in one browser.

Category: Site Secondary Category: Creation

Q. Can I do secure business with credit cards on my site?

A. Yes, but there is some extra cost. You will need to purchase a dedicated IP number for your account and obtain a security certificate. We can offer good prices on the latter and will set up the certificate for you. All traffic to the secured portion of the web site would then be generated using HTTPS. Contact us for a quote.

Category: Security Secondary Category: Certificate    Contact us

Q. Can I edit the .htaccess file if I am using FrontPage?

A. If you're running FrontPage, you cannot custom-edit the .htaccess file. You'll either create a security hole or break FrontPage. There are no other options. This includes ANY .htaccess file in your domain, including one in the cgi-bin.

Category: FrontPage Secondary Category: htaccess

Q. Can I forward as many eMail addresses at my domain as I want?

A. Yes. The only limitation is the monthly bandwidth limit on your account.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Forward    more

Q. Can I get a shell account with my solution?

A. Long time customers or those with specific security requirements may get what is called a JailShell, but not a full shell.

Category: SSH

Q. Can I get a unique IP address?

A. Yes, if you can justify it, perhaps because you wish to have a SSL Certificate and access to your site using https:// for taking credit cards. This can take a few days to arrange and there is an extra cost.

Category: IP Secondary Category: Static

Q. Can I get more disk space, say, instead of extra bandwidth?

A. Upgrade paths are only samples. We are prepared to negotiate a custom plan to suit you. Just contact us. Oh, and we do review space limitations from time to time and increase them free of charge. Perhaps your request will result in just such a change.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Disk Space    Contact us

Q. Can I have additional domains pointing to the same main page as my main domain?

A. If you use domain forwarding at your registrar, certainly. If you want to park domains or point domains on our server to ensure the correct name comes up in the browser bar, you need an account that has this feature.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Pointers    more

Q. Can I host a porn site with you?

A. No. We do not permit pornography of any type on our servers. Such abuse will result in suspension or cancellation of your account without refund.

Category: Site Secondary Category: Adult    more

Q. Can I keep my domain name when I change a host?

A. Normally, yes (and certainly if you decide to transfer away from us to another host--after all, you may well be back!) We recommend that you register your domain name with a separate registrar before getting a hosting plan (why we use two companies for the two purposes). Then, when you need to move to another host, you just need to buy the hosting, insert your files at the new host, point your domain's name servers to its nameservers, and you're done. If your old host registered the domain for you, check first to see if it was indeed registered in your name. If not, you'll need his or her permission to transfer it and re-register it in your name. This can get very sticky with fly-by-night hosts, but we will never hold your domain name hostage.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Portability    more

Q. Can I manipulate mime types with FrontPage?

A. This feature is not available for FrontPage users.

Category: Mime Secondary Category: FrontPage

Q. Can I offer cPanel to my clients?

A. Yes. Accounts you create from WHM automatically have a cPanel control panel of their own.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: cPanel

Q. Can I reduce the amount of data transfer my site needs?

A. Usually yes. Try to optimize all the graphics on your site. Many GIFs don't look noticeably worse with fewer colors. Don't duplicate graphics files, let the browser cache them. Try to clean up your html by using relative paths, short filenames, fewer extras, and reducing the number of spaces and new lines.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Bandwidth

Q. Can I register a domain name if I am not ready to sign up for hosting yet?

A. By all means register your domain name as soon as you know what you want, then go off and develop your site using that name. You can set up a hosting account later. Don't pay for services you aren't using.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Registration    more

Q. Can I register a domain with you, but have the domain point somewhere other than your server?

A. Yes. We run registration and hosting independently, so you have full control of what services you buy at all times.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Pointer

Q. Can I register additional domains to point to a subdirectory within my main domain?

A. Your registrar (including us) will allow this as domain forwarding. No problem. Just don't use frame-based forwarding, as search engines won't be able to index your site.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Pointers

Q. Can I run my own software on my site?

A. All plans allow running scripts in languages such as Perl or PHP. You can also run "cron" jobs which enable you to automatically execute programs or scripts at a specific time and date.

Category: CGI Secondary Category: Scripts

Q. Can I run Perl/CGI scripts outside the cgi-bin?

A. No, for security reasons all Perl and CGI scripts must be run from your cgi-bin folder.

Category: CGI Secondary Category: Perl

Q. Can I select my own user account name?

A. Yes, but there is a seven-letter limitation.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: User Name

Q. Can I set up a bulletin board on my site?

A. You install bulletin boards through your control panel script installer or via Fantastico. You may also buy your own license to a commercial product, though you should check for compatibility first.

Category: Scripts Secondary Category: Bulletin Board

Q. Can I spell my domain name with upper or lower case characters, say on a business card?

A. Case is ignored in a domain name. Thus, MyBusiness.com is identical to mybusiness.com and may be easier to read.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Validity

Q. Can I subdivide my space and resell it even if I am not a reseller?

A. Yes, we do allow you to create subdirectories which you can use to offer friends or clients space as long as its within our policy guidelines. There is, however, an extra cost involved in hosting more than one actual domain name per account as we have to do some setup. Please see our Web Hosting Plans for more details.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Resell

Q. Can I transfer an existing domain to your servers?

A. Yes, our registration services all have this capability for domains registered in most top level domains, and we can host any domain name, regardless of its top level designation. You have to adjust your nameservices at the registrar as well as put your files on our server.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Transfer    more

Q. Can I update my site 24 hours a day?

A. Hey, you can stay up all night working on it. No problem.

Category: FTP Secondary Category: Access    more

Q. Can I upgrade my plan or features later?

A. No problem. If the exact plan you want isn't already on our site, just send us eMail telling us what you want to do and we'll quote you a cost. Once you've paid at our secure payment centre, we'll take care of the upgrade, usually in a matter of hours.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Upgrade    more

Q. Can I use a .ca or other two-letter country domain name with your hosting service

A. Yes, we support all the standard domain name suffixes, including .ca, .uk, .us, .au, etc.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Domains

Q. Can I use Ajax technology on your server?

A. Certainly. Ajax depends only on JavaScript, which is available in browsers by default. Be advised, however, that some users don't trust JavaScript and turn it off.

Category: Software Secondary Category: Languages

Q. Can I use copyrighted material on my site?

A. You can use copyrighted material on your site if you have the holder's permission to do so and state this on the relevant page. If we find your site is in violation of copyright laws we will suspend or cancel your hosting account.

Category: Content Secondary Category: Copyright    more

Q. Can I use Java applets, JavaScript, and Flash pages on my site?

A. Yes. Those are client-side technologies, so the host doesn't have to do anything to support or enable them. Any browser (such as Safari, FireFox, or IE that supports them is enough, so any host will do. It doesn't matter whether Java or Flash are listed among the plan's features, they are supported by default.

Category: Software Secondary Category: Languages

Q. Can I use my account for commercial purposes ?

A. Yes, you can use your account for personal, organizational, or commercial purposes.

Category: Account Secondary Category: Commercial

Q. Can you register/transfer a domain name for me?

A. Yes, but you had best handle that at one of our sister companies. If you really want us to handle it manually, we can, but have to charge a little more.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Transfer    more

Q. Can't I just get a DSL line or a cable modem and host the site or my own computer?

A. Maybe. But it would be slow, and your provider (cable or telephone company) may not allow this.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Uptime

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