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This searchable FAQ has a large number of questions and answers on domains, hosting, web sites, eMail and related topics. This material has been collected through many years of web experience. Some are common questions appearing in a similar form on many host sites. Many are unique to this database. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, additional questions or answers we have missed.

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Q. Am I allowed to install a script that sends mail?

A. You are, but it cannot send mail as "nobody"; it must send as your username. It also cannot use the mail port directly, but must go through Sendmail. You are also responsible if someone hacks your site and sends out mail with it. Moreover, we monitor the installation of such scripts and all mass mailings from the box.

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Q. Can I check my mail through Apple's mail program?

A. Yes. You can check your mail through all major mail-clients including Apple's Mail and Eudora. We do not, however, provide support for such products.

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Q. Can I check my mail through Outlook or Outlook Express?

A. Yes. You can check your mail through all major mail-clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora. We do not, however, provide support for such products.

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Q. Can I forward as many eMail addresses at my domain as I want?

A. Yes. The only limitation is the monthly bandwidth limit on your account.

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Q. Do you offer POP eMail accounts?

A. Yes, a minimum of 5 POP eMail accounts come with your plan.

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Q. How can I change a password for an eMail account?

A. Go to your Control Panel at http://www.yourdomain.com/cPanel/  --> "Mail" =>"Add / Remove accounts"; click on Change Password and follow the instructions. In some skins, you may not have all these steps.

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Q. How can I manage my e-mail accounts?

A. Use the mail manager feature in your control panel to create and manage mail accounts and forwarders.

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Q. How do I access webmail with my browser?

A. Go to http://yourdomain.com/webmail (Replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name) Log in with the pop account username (Username@domain.com) and password that you setup in your control panel (Mail Menu). Alternately, use a login box on one of our sites. You will have a choice of mail programs. Either can be used as both reference the same mail.

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Q. How do I configure my POP3 eMail?

A. Check the exact form of the user name for the account in your control panel, and use that for "user". Enter the password you associated with that user. The server is simply yourdomain.com.

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Q. How do I create a new eMail account?

A. Follow these instructions: 1. Go to http://yourdomain/cpanel -> Add / Remove accounts 2. Click "Add Account" 3. Type the username and the password. 4. Click "Create" (Exact details vary slightly by cPanel skin.)

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Q. How do I create eMail aliases, and how do I redirect them?

A. Simply use our online control panel to add these. Any number of aliases can be entered. Each alias directs a pseudo-address ostensibly residing at your domain on our box to a specific mail account, which could be anywhere.

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Q. How do I set up my spam filters?

A. In your control panel, look for Mailscanner. There you can blacklist mail senders, whitelist others (their mail gets through regardless) and set the options for high spam and low spam. We recommend you have the server delete high spam and deliver the low.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Spam    more

Q. How much storage am I allowed per mail account?

A. We recommend you not exceed 10 MB's of e-mail per mail account, but you can use any amount within your account's total limit.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Storage

Q. I can't send eMail via your server. What's wrong?

A. Our mail servers are configured securely. This means that you cannot simply reference "mail.yourdomain.com" as an outgoing mail server unless you successfully log in via one of your pop accounts at "mail.yourdomain.com' before you try to send. This is called "check before send", a setting to prevent spammers from using our mail servers as havens for unsolicited eMail. If you are getting a "relaying prohibited" or "disconnected by administrator" error, it means that you haven't logged into the pop3 server at your domain before you tried to send through the SMTP server at your domain. To log in, you need to check for mail first.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Send

Q. I check my eMail every day, but it's now over quota! Why?

A. If you don't delete your eMails from your mail-box they will remain, and eventually fill it, so no other eMail can be stored and incoming mail will be rejected. You may delete them from either webmail system or by using your POP client. Most POP clients have a setting "leave mail on server for ___days." Fill in a reasonable value, and after that number of days, old mail will be automatically deleted.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Quota

Q. I have just created a new mail box in cPanel. How can I check and use my mail?

A. You may check your mail using the eMail address and password you set up on your control panel either with a "POP" mail program, or on-line using webmail at http://www.mydomain.com/webmail. You may also use one of our login boxes to access webmail. Pay close attention to what your control panel eMail subpanel says is the correct username for the account.

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Q. Is spam mailing (bulk mailing) allowed?

A. No. Absolutely not. We limit the number of outgoing messages per hour, and if we catch you trying to send bulk mail your account will be terminated without a refund.

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Q. What are my incoming and outgoing mail servers?

A. Incoming and outgoing mail servers are both "yourdomain.com"

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Servers

Q. What is an autoresponder?

A. Autoresponders are messages that are automatically sent to anyone who sends an eMail to a certain address. For instance, if you are going to be out of your office for a week, you may want to set up an autoresponder. If anyone contacts you via eMail, you would still receive their message in your POP3 account, but the sender would immediately receive a message back letting them know you are out of town and will contact them at a later date. Another reason for using an autoresponder would be to set up a marketing response to anyone interested in your company. If someone sends an eMail requesting information to Sales@YourDomain.com, you may have an autoresponder that immediately sends a reply to your customer thanking them for their inquiry, and letting them know that you will be in touch with them shortly.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Autoresponder

Q. What is an eMail alias?

A. This is another name for eMail forwarding. Forwarding means that any eMail sent to a specified name on your account will be automatically redirected to a specified mail box.

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Q. What programs can be used to access e-mail?

A. Any POP eMail client can be used: pine, elm, Netscape mail, Apple Mail, Eudora, Outlook, etc.

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Q. Where is sendmail?

A. /usr/sbin/sendmail

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Sendmail Path

Q. Will I be able to send and receive e-mail through my new server?

A. Yes! You will be able to send and receive e-mail through our servers. In technical terms, we provide both POP3 and SMTP capabilities.

Category: eMail Secondary Category: Transmit

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