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This searchable FAQ has a large number of questions and answers on domains, hosting, web sites, eMail and related topics. This material has been collected through many years of web experience. Some are common questions appearing in a similar form on many host sites. Many are unique to this database. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, additional questions or answers we have missed.

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Results for Uptime:

Q. Can't I just get a DSL line or a cable modem and host the site or my own computer?

A. Maybe. But it would be slow, and your provider (cable or telephone company) may not allow this.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Uptime

Q. How reliable is your service?

A. We have multiple connections to the Internet at our data centre. We have battery backups as well as on site generated electricity if necessary. We continually monitor the functioning of your site from multiple nodes on the Internet. We aim for your site to be up 98.5% of the time or better.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Uptime

Q. What is uptime?

A. Uptime is the percentage of time that the server is actually serving your site, usually calculated over a month.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Uptime

e.g. If a host has an uptime average of 99.86%, this means that your site could be down for a total about 1 hour each month.

Q. Why don't you guarantee 100% uptime?

A. No host can provide 100% uptime. Even the biggest and best multi-million dollar sites go down from time to time due to various unforeseen circumstances. The best you can find is an uptime guarantee, where the host offers refunds or plan extensions for downtime. That's what we do.

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