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This searchable FAQ has a large number of questions and answers on domains, hosting, web sites, eMail and related topics. This material has been collected through many years of web experience. Some are common questions appearing in a similar form on many host sites. Many are unique to this database. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, additional questions or answers we have missed.

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Q. Can I create my own hosting packages?

A. Yes, you get full access to create your own hosting packages, choose how much disk space, bandwidth, and all other features.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Packages

Q. Can I offer cPanel to my clients?

A. Yes. Accounts you create from WHM automatically have a cPanel control panel of their own.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: cPanel

Q. Do I have access to the clients' DNS records to edit them directly?

A. No by default. However, if you need this and are a long time reseller, we can enable this functionality.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: DNS

Q. Do I have to tell my customers Iím a reseller?

A. No, you don't have to tell your customers you are a reseller. If they ask the question you can legitimately say you have a partnership agreement with us to share the server.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Clients

Q. Do I use your name servers or the ones of the server?

A. You use the nameservers of the server, ns1.namexerver.net and ns2.namexerver.net. However, if you think it important to have your own nameservers to identify your business, we can arrange this too. Just ask.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Nameservers

Q. Do you contact my clients?

A. We have no records of your client's details and we will not contact them. You are the account holder and we will always contact you directly. If we receive an e-mail from your client we will decline to reveal whether or not you are a reseller of our services.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Clients

Q. Do you offer different skins I can use?

A. Yes, using WHM you can choose from any control panel skins we have installed or use your own skin to match your site's design.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Skins

Q. How can I become a reseller?

A. We can easily upgrade your existing account to reseller status or we can establish a new account for reselling and make your old account "owned" by it. In the latter case you will need a domain.

Category: Reseller

Q. How many accounts can I create with a reseller account?

A. Some low-end reseller accounts limit the number of accounts you can create. The higher end ones do not. In those cases, it depends on your space, packages and bandwidth. Assume that you have a 10GB reseller account, then you may create up to 10 accounts if all of your accounts have been made with a 1GB package.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Clients

Q. How much can I charge for my packages?

A. You choose the price. Sell your own hosting packages for as little or as much as you want.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Packages

Q. I am already reselling. Can I transfer to you?

A. Absolutely. We help every step of the way. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Transfer    Contact us

Q. Is there any web-based control panel for my reseller account?

A. Yes, it's called WHM (Web Host Manager) and it's completely different from the client control panel.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Control Panel    more

Q. One of my clients asked me about SSL (Secure Certificate). How can I do that?

A. First your client needs a Unique IP Address. You may buy this from us and we will put it on your client's account, Then he/she needs a Secure Certificate. There are many secure certificate providers. You need to create a CSR key for the client that you provide to the certificate retailer at purchase time. Create it using your reseller control panel. After purchase, the certificate retailer will provide a Secure Key to you or your customer and then you may install it on his/her account. Following this, anyone can access to the site using https://

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: SSL

Notes: There is different between SSL for domain.com and, say, for www.domain.com, For better service and support create a subdomain for the user and order the SSL for that specific subdomain. Usually "secure" is a good idea. So the secure site would be https://secure.domain.com. If all this is too much for you to handle, contact us and we will do the work for a reasonable fee plus certificate costs.    Contact us

Q. Should I worry that my host is a reseller?

A. Probably not. It is quite possible to get better support or prices from a reseller than from a base company. Our own resellers are all quality people hosting on the same server(s) as we use. OTOH resellers are usually smaller companies and since they don't own the server, sometimes they have to wait for the parent company to perform some tasks.

Category: Reseller

Q. What a private name server can do for me?

A. Normally you have to put our server's name servers on domain names of your clients, But with a pair or private name servers you will put your own name servers on those domains. This will help you to keep your privacy.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Nameservers

Q. What are the responsibilities of being a reseller?

A. Reseller responsibilities include: (1) Domain Name registrations or transfers (2) Providing direct billing to customers (3) Providing technical support to their customers (4) Abiding by and requiring customers to abide by our terms of service.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Responsibilities

Q. What does a reseller do?

A. A reseller buys space/bandwidth in bulk and shares it among clients, essentially in competition with us.

Category: Reseller

Q. What if I do not want to handle the technical support phone calls for the hosting accounts that I resell?

A. The reseller price is for resellers that plan on handling their own technical support. For those that choose not to take technical support tickets, we recommend you simply refer customers to us as an affiliate. We will give you a month's extension on your own hosting for every customer who signs up from your reference.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Support

Q. What if my customer's want SSL secure server access?

A. If your customers need an SSL secure server for their transactions, they will have to purchase their own security certificate unless you wanted to get one of your own and offer to host their secure forms on your domain.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: SSL

Q. What is a reseller web host?

A. A reseller operates components of a Web hosting operation using services, infrastructure and equipment provided by another hosting service. Usually they have a portion of a server rather then the whole machine. Some resellers operate full-fledged businesses using the hardware, software, network and logistical support of another Web hosting firm like us, while others simply operate as agents, offering discounts and providing low-level technical support.

Category: Reseller

Q. What is my own host home directory?

A. The host directory is public_html, the same as any other account.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Directory

Q. What is WHM?

A. WHM = Web Host Manager. This control panel allows you to control your hosting business. You can create hosting plans, view plans, edit plans, setup users, domains, and scripts, close accounts, repair accounts and much more.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: WHM    more

Q. What kind of controls do I have over my clients' sites?

A. You create the account packages, user names, and accounts, and may change them as needed. You may also login to the control panel of any client of yours using his/her username and your reseller password.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Clients

Q. What options/features may I control in my reseller control panel?

A. You may:

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Control Panel

Q. Where can I find more information on becoming a reseller?

A. We have some information on this site. Beyond that, contact us with all your questions.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Hosting    more

Q. Who handles the billing for my resold hosting accounts?

A. You provide billing to your own customers. We bill you for the domain and space, then you turn around and bill your customers whatever price you choose. If you need Automated billing, you may want to consider AccountLab +, which is licensed for our server, or one of the many commercial or shareware billing products, which you would have to license and install yourself.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Billing

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