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This searchable FAQ has a large number of questions and answers on domains, hosting, web sites, eMail and related topics. This material has been collected through many years of web experience. Some are common questions appearing in a similar form on many host sites. Many are unique to this database. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, additional questions or answers we have missed.

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Q. Do I need to pay attention to my domain registration's expiration date and ensure it is kept current?

A. Yes. It is your responsibility to verify that the registration of your domain name is complete. And, when the domain name registration comes up for renewal, good registrars (including our sister companies) will eMail the registered contact on your domain to remind that contact it will soon expire. If you do not keep your domain name's registration current, then the domain registration will expire and the domain would then become available for others to register. It is your responsibility to be certain that you keep your domain name registered.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Renew

Q. How do I renew my domain's registration?

A. Please visit the renewal page of your registrar to renew your domain name's registration. You can sign in to your domain or to your account, depending on which of our registration services you use.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Renew    more

Q. I got a letter in the mail asking me to renew my domain name. Should I do this?

A. Take a close look at that letter. It's not from one of our subsidiaries, but from someone else. We don't use paper mail for renewals. It may look like an invoice, but itís a clever solicitation to get you to switch registrars for a much higher price.

Category: Domains Secondary Category: Renew

Q. What happens when my first hosting contract runs out?

A. We will send you some alerts before your account expires. If you don't wish to continue just ignore our alerts and we will suspend your account 30 days beyond its expiry date.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Renewal

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