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This searchable FAQ has a large number of questions and answers on domains, hosting, web sites, eMail and related topics. This material has been collected through many years of web experience. Some are common questions appearing in a similar form on many host sites. Many are unique to this database. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, additional questions or answers we have missed.

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Q. Can I use a Canadian Provincial TLD like .bc.ca or .ab.ca with you?

A. Yes you can. However, we do not currently have the facilities to register such domains.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Domains

Q. Can I have additional domains pointing to the same main page as my main domain?

A. If you use domain forwarding at your registrar, certainly. If you want to park domains or point domains on our server to ensure the correct name comes up in the browser bar, you need an account that has this feature.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Pointers    more

Q. Can I register additional domains to point to a subdirectory within my main domain?

A. Your registrar (including us) will allow this as domain forwarding. No problem. Just don't use frame-based forwarding, as search engines won't be able to index your site.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Pointers

Q. Can I select my own user account name?

A. Yes, but there is a seven-letter limitation.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: User Name

Q. Can I subdivide my space and resell it even if I am not a reseller?

A. Yes, we do allow you to create subdirectories which you can use to offer friends or clients space as long as its within our policy guidelines. There is, however, an extra cost involved in hosting more than one actual domain name per account as we have to do some setup. Please see our Web Hosting Plans for more details.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Resell

Q. Can I upgrade my plan or features later?

A. No problem. If the exact plan you want isn't already on our site, just send us eMail telling us what you want to do and we'll quote you a cost. Once you've paid at our secure payment centre, we'll take care of the upgrade, usually in a matter of hours.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Upgrade    more

Q. Can I use a .ca or other two-letter country domain name with your hosting service

A. Yes, we support all the standard domain name suffixes, including .ca, .uk, .us, .au, etc.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Domains

Q. Can't I just get a DSL line or a cable modem and host the site or my own computer?

A. Maybe. But it would be slow, and your provider (cable or telephone company) may not allow this.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Uptime

Q. Do you accept international orders?

A. We are Canadian, and our server is in the U.S. That's already international. We welcome clients from all over the world and can host any top level domain, including .com .ca .us .ru, .uk, .to etc.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: International

Q. Do You have a page of links to information on the network, such as traceroute tools, whois, and other lookups?

A. We certainly do. Look for tools in the documentation menu.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Network    more

Q. Do you host domains other than .com, .org, and .net?

A. No matter what your top level domain is, we can host it. If it uses an extension other than the ones our sister company registers, you have to buy and manage it elsewhere, but we can host it. We especially encourage .ca sites.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Domains

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A. Yes. If for any reason during the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied, we will cancel your account and refund all your money. After that, if you cancel during the year, we will refund you on a pro-rated monthly basis by cheque.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Guarantee    more

Q. Do you provide any database solutions?

A. We support MySql, and all plans have some database space available. Keep track of what you install, however, as some scripts do use databases.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Databases

Q. Do you provide hosting free of charge to organizations?

A. Sometimes, if we have a specific interest in them. Usually, this does require a small ad for our services in return.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Free    Contact us

Q. Do you support third-level domains or subdomains?

A. We support third level domain names with any of our web hosting packages, such as "yournamename.ourdomain.com". We sell you hosting as a third-level domain off one of our own domains reserved for this purpose. Keep in mind however, that if you go this route, your domain name is not portable to another provider.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Domains

Q. Does the web hosting include registration of my domain name?

A. No, it is a separate payment. We can register your domain name for you, but it is something that you pay for separately.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Domains

Q. How can I change my account's contact Information?

A. There is a link on your control panel for this. Depending on the skin, it is usually near the top.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Contact Info

Q. How do I get an additional website added to my hosting account?

A. Your account may come with this capability, and you can set it up yourself. If not, upgrade to one that does, or to a multiple site plan.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Extra site    more

Q. How do I transfer files to my web site?

A. Files are transferred to the Web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP). We recommend Interarchy, Fetch or CuteFTP. Site creation software like BBEdit has FTP built in.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: FTP    more

Q. How do I transfer my domain to your servers?

A. In order to transfer your domain to our servers you need to have the primary and secondary name servers point to ours. Your account activation eMail will contain the nameserver information for the servers your account is on. We recommend you transfer your registration to one of our registration subsidiaries as well, but that is done separately.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Transfer    more

Q. How long does it take for you to process my application and set up my account?

A. If all your billing information is in order, it should take fewer than 24 hours to set up your account. Upgrades can be much quicker.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Setup

Q. How reliable is your service?

A. We have multiple connections to the Internet at our data centre. We have battery backups as well as on site generated electricity if necessary. We continually monitor the functioning of your site from multiple nodes on the Internet. We aim for your site to be up 98.5% of the time or better.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Uptime

Q. I can't reach either my site or any of yours. What do I do?

A. It is unlikely the server is down--this almost never happens. Usually this problem is caused by network difficulties between you and the server and it will go away shortly. If it persists, use the alternate eMail address we provided you in the welcome message to contact us.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Down

Q. I have been notified that my account has been set up but my site is still not active.

A. It generally takes 24-72 hours for domain names to become active. This is just how the Internet works; there is no way we can speed up the process. If you have received a notification e-mail and it's been over 72 hours, it means you did not point your domain name to the right host. Check. Then contact us.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Setup    Contact us

Q. I published my files with FP or FTP, but my web site's not there. Why not?

A. Did you take care to delete the placeholder index file and replace it? Did you point the domain nameservers to our server? If both are "yes" and it has been over 72 hours since the site was set up by us, contact us, and we'll straighten things out.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Setup    more

Q. My site is database-driven and uses 50 GB per month in transfer. Can I simply use a host with an unlimited transfer plan for $10 per month?

A. It won't work. Hosts are in business to make money and would lose money hosting your site. They have to pay for transfer to upstream providers themselves. Almost all hosts that have "unlimited" plans specify in their acceptable use policies that no site can use an "excessive" amount of resources. If you use too much disk space, bandwidth, or CPU time, these "unlimited" hosts will ask you to upgrade or leave. We don't engage in such deceptive marketing practices. If you buy a plan from us, you'll pay a fair price and be able to use all the bandwidth you contracted for.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Databases

Q. Should I buy hosting on a Unix (Linux, SunOS, BSD, etc.) or Windows NT (Windows 2000) based server?

A. We use only Linux or BSD Unix servers. If for some reason you specifically need ASP extensions (and so a Microsoft server), you'll have to find another vendor. No we will not reconsider.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Server

Q. What are the advantages of shared web hosting?

A. Most businesses cannot justify the costs of having a dedicated server, dedicated Internet connections and all the hardware that goes with it. The initial outlay runs into several thousand dollars, and ongoing necessary maintenance costs are steep as well. Shared hosting (what we provide) allows you to share a server with many others, and still have a quick, responsive web site.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Shared

Q. What are the costs involved in switching my hosting to you?

A. We do not charge any transfer or setup fees.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Transfer    more

Q. What are the numbers listed under "space" and "transfer"?

A. Space is the amount of "stuff" you can put on your web site, including mail and other files. Available space is usually listed in megabytes (MB, millions of bytes). A single character of text takes requires one to four bytes. html files are usually rather small but pictures and programs can get quite large Your scripts, eMails and stats also take up space on your host. "Transfer" or "bandwidth" is how many bytes our server has moved to and from your site so far in the month.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Resources

Q. What happens when my first hosting contract runs out?

A. We will send you some alerts before your account expires. If you don't wish to continue just ignore our alerts and we will suspend your account 30 days beyond its expiry date.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Renewal

Q. What is a shared web host?

A. Shared is the most basic of Web hosting types. With shared hosting, numerous Web sites are shared on one server. This is an economical solution for smaller and personal Web sites.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Shared

Q. What is a web host?

A. A web host is a business that provides the services needed for web sites to be viewed on the web and for eMail to be routed to a customer.

Category: Hosting

Q. What is a web server?

A. When someone enters your Web address (URL) in their Web browser, it looks up the location of the computer associated with that domain name. This 'host' computer or server then sends the files that make up that particular web page to the person's computer that requested it. Your server or host makes your website available to the world.

Category: Hosting

Q. What is co-location?

A. Co-location (co-lo) is an advanced level of hosting service. The customer owns the server and leases space at the co-lo facility.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Colocation

Q. What is dedicated hosting?

A. A dedicated host has the service provider (data centre) set up a computer solely for that customer; it is not shared with other clients. A dedicated communications line or minimum bandwidth allotment may also be provided, subject to contract negotiation. Maintenance of this site is a subject of negotiation between the customer and the service provider. They may provide technical services, such as script writing, eMail maintenance or file backup. Generally, a contract is negotiated specifying the services you will receive and the fees involved. We can arrange dedicated hosting for a customer, but do not directly manage it ourselves. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars a month depending on the level of management you contract for and the hardware and software you want installed.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Dedicated

Q. What is full-service web hosting?

A. Full-service can refer to a variety of services offered in addition to providing web space, transfer, and eMails for a web site. It could include support, web design services, or web site content maintenance services. We do not do design work or maintain the content on your site. Such services cost far more than hosting. You may have to spend from hundreds to thousands or more to get a custom site design.

Category: Hosting

Q. What is uptime?

A. Uptime is the percentage of time that the server is actually serving your site, usually calculated over a month.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Uptime

e.g. If a host has an uptime average of 99.86%, this means that your site could be down for a total about 1 hour each month.

Q. What is web hosting?

A. Web hosting involves setting up a computer with access to the Internet using fast connections, and storing the web pages on that computer to be accessed by Internet users. Such a computer is normally referred to as a web server, or a web host.

Category: Hosting

Q. What platform or operating system (OS) do you use?

A. Our servers run Linux. We may consider Mac xserve but will not be using Windows.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: OS

Q. What software platform do your servers run?

A. We run in a Linux environment called with Apache web server software, MySql and PHP (LAMP).

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Platform

Q. Where can I find more information on becoming a reseller?

A. We have some information on this site. Beyond that, contact us with all your questions.

Category: Reseller Secondary Category: Hosting    more

Q. Who are you?

A. All our web hosting and domain name companies are all divisions of Arjay Web Services, a subsidiary of Arjay Enterprises, founded in 1983.

Category: Hosting    more

Q. Why are there so many web hosts?

A. Hosting is an easy business to try, but not an easy one to remain in. Web hosts come and go rapidly. We've been around for a while.

Category: Hosting

Q. Why don't you guarantee 100% uptime?

A. No host can provide 100% uptime. Even the biggest and best multi-million dollar sites go down from time to time due to various unforeseen circumstances. The best you can find is an uptime guarantee, where the host offers refunds or plan extensions for downtime. That's what we do.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Uptime    more

Q. Why don't you offer live support?

A. We're a small company, and have other enterprises, as well as other interests. We can answer support requests within 24 hours except on Sundays. If you need immediate answers to your questions, and cannot wait, you'll have to host elsewhere. Check before you do, however, because many companies that have a "live support" icon on their sites do not actually monitor it very often.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Support

Q. Why don't you use the most cutting-edge versions of your software?

A. We run the most current stable versions of the server software. Sometimes it can be years between the introduction of a new version and when it achieves stability.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Software

Q. Why is my disk usage more than the size of my web files?

A. In addition to your own web files other files share your account, such as mail boxes, usage statistics and logs.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Quota

Notes: FrontPage consumes a lot of extra space.

Q. Why should I host with you rather than some other company?

A. We are personal, responsive, and have fast well-connected servers. We do not oversell space or crowd our servers. We allow customers to start small and grow. Check the "How can we Help?" item on the main menu.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Information    more

Q. Won't my site be down if I change my web hosting provider?

A. No, your site will not be down, not even for one second, if you are careful. You upload your site to our servers and create all the necessary files and folders first. Then you change the nameservers at your registrar. As the new information propagates over 72 hours, some people will be viewing your site with the previous hosting company, and some will be viewing your site on the new server. However, after about 72 hours, most everyone in the world will have access to your site on our server and you will have switched over, not missing a minute of uptime. You may end up having to read your eMail at two different locations for a brief time, but you shouldn't lose any.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Transfer

Q. Won't my website be slow if I don't have a dedicated server and connections?

A. Not if you choose the right web hosting provider. A serious web hosting provider will not allow websites that hog bandwidth to share with other websites. We ensure that our web hosting service is fast, reliable and comes with responsive support.

Category: Hosting Secondary Category: Dedicated

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