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Q. How do I use FormMail?

A. FormMail-clone is clone of Matt Wright's FormMail.cgi under a less restrictive license. It should behave almost exactly as FormMail.cgi, but it is completely written from scratch so there might be a few minor visual differences. The FormMail CGI script is already configured on our server for your account. From your control panel click CGI Center and there you will find the location of FormMail.

Category: CGI Secondary Category: FormMail

e.g. For setting up the 'action' of your form http://yourdomain.com/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi (if your domain ends with .net, .org, or .other then substitute the correct extension when setting up your form 'action'). The 'method' to select for your form is POST.

Notes: If you would like a handy tutorial on using FormMail go to http://www.scriptarchive.com/readme/formmail.html

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