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This searchable FAQ has a large number of questions and answers on domains, hosting, web sites, eMail and related topics. This material has been collected through many years of web experience. Some are common questions appearing in a similar form on many host sites. Many are unique to this database. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, additional questions or answers we have missed.

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Q. How much extra is a gig of bandwidth?

A. Take a look at our site and check the cost of the next plan higher than yours.

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Q. Is there a minimum time contract/commitment?

A. No. You pay yearly, six months, three months, or monthly according to the plan type but can cancel at any time.

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Q. Is your price different for individuals and business users?

A. No. Our prices are fixed for all accounts using comparable resources. A startup business does not normally need much space or bandwidth, and shouldn't have to pay for it. However, if your needs don't fit one of our standard packages, feel free to ask for a quote.

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Q. Should I go with a big or small hosting company?

A. Large companies might be have a better chance of staying in business and may be able to negotiate better deals for their customers, but small hosts are usually cheaper and provide more personal support. We've been in business a long time.

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Q. Should I simply choose a cheapest plan?

A. We wouldn't recommend choosing any plan below $3 per month if you expect to get a reasonable level of technical support. There isn't that much profit in hosting.

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Q. Why do you ask payment for a whole year/six months/three months on some accounts?

A. It's cheaper and easier for us, and you therefore pay less. Monthly payments cost us both more in credit card processing fees. We do offer a monthly option for the low cost accounts, but we have to charge a little more to cover the extra costs to us.

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