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Results for Autoresponder:

Q. What is an autoresponder?

A. Autoresponders are messages that are automatically sent to anyone who sends an eMail to a certain address. For instance, if you are going to be out of your office for a week, you may want to set up an autoresponder. If anyone contacts you via eMail, you would still receive their message in your POP3 account, but the sender would immediately receive a message back letting them know you are out of town and will contact them at a later date. Another reason for using an autoresponder would be to set up a marketing response to anyone interested in your company. If someone sends an eMail requesting information to Sales@YourDomain.com, you may have an autoresponder that immediately sends a reply to your customer thanking them for their inquiry, and letting them know that you will be in touch with them shortly.

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